Sustainability remains a constant in all of VRS’s projects and initiative

s. One of the highest priorities for us during project implementation and planning is safeguarding the environment. Rather than approaching it as an additional activity, we see it as a inherent value which is built-in to our processes. All projects under the VRS portfolio conform to the international norms of sustainable development.

VRS has a high degree of focus on environmental sustainability and in keeping with this philosophy, we have built in-house expertise to develop Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects and obtain the registration and issuance of the same in the form of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from the United Nations Framework Convention Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Along with reducing carbon footprints, VRS collaborates with local communities to educate and inform the people about environment and sustainability. We believe that guidance and education are essential to include a larger set of people into our sustainability initiatives.

Health and safety are among the core focus areas of our sustainability framework, and we adopted the progressive ideal of ‘Vision Zero’, in line with the beliefs and aspiration of VRS. We strongly believe and propagate that safety is a culture that should be embedded in the DNA of every stakeholder. We assign a strategic impetus to safety at the Group level, as embedded in the VRS history. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy demonstrates commitment of senior leadership and provide guidance for effective safety management system across all port and logistic sites.

Implementation of safety function as a line management approach has been effectively deployed across the entire organization through the formation of five Task Forces each headed by a member of the Senior Leadership team who is accountable for the effective functioning of respective task force.

Incorporation of safety requirements as an integral part of design of facilities, equipment etc. has been institutionalized further safety standards on Road, Rail and Logistics safety have been developed and being implemented along with the 10 Life Saving safety rules.

Strengthening of contractors’ safety management is a key focus area and concerted efforts are being made to upskill contractor workmen and key supervisory personnel so that they help us achieve VISION ZERO.